Sunday, 19 April 2015

Out on a School night

Hello! Sorry for the Radio silence. Maria and I have been busy with house moves and new additions to the family. But hopefully we will be back in this space more frequently sharing with you little moments of inspiration and our continuing adventures in Dorset.

With the sun shining and longer evenings I've been more and more motivated to start focusing on more than just work. So here we are!!

Last Wednesday myself and a friend went to a gig at the Joiners to see Marika Hackman. It was a stunning evening and it was great to feel that little feeling of freedom and rebellion to be out during the week doing our own thing.

I haven't really heard much music from Marika Hackman before my friend suggested we should go, but from the first song I was sold by her effortlessly strong voice and dark folk tale lyrics.

Marika Hackman -

I love going to see live music and being introduced to new artists. Probably the most memorable part of the night was being introduced to the voice of Sophie Jamieson. Her unassuming shy stage presence did not prepare me for the strong melancholy voice that seemed to reach the saddest corners of my brain. You could have heard a pin drop the crowd were completely captured by her voice such a force from such a fragile frame. Her songs were broken by captivating guitar solos echoing the lyrics and transporting the audience to memories of their own love ones, of words unsaid, regrets and experiences too hard to revisit. I can't believe she has not released an album yet!

Sophie Jamieson - Dinah

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
Gem x