Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunshine Stroll at Hengistbury Head

I think I have been smiling all weekend! And that's something considering it is January. I usually find January the gloomiest of months. But even though we have had nothing but rain, for some reason this January has been different. I think it is because the run up to Christmas was so hectic that January has been a month to recoup and reorganise. This weekend my sis has been down for the weekend! Maria had found this amazing Batik hanging tutorial so on Saturday morning we had a busy day with the smell of wax wafting in the air, and carefully painting onto canvas. It was really nice to just think about creating something together and unwind. There was some anxiety that it would turn into a pinterest disaster but we are all really pleased with the results. (Post coming soon) But today me and my sis got out in the sunshine, pulled are wellies on and set of for a sunny stroll at Hengistbury Head (after a hearty breakfast at Bosconova) It was exactly what we needed! I think it has to be one of my favourite places in Dorset!

Driving home we managed to just get this sunset in after a food shop in Lidl!
It's been a perfect weekend!
Have a great week!
Gem x

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

...born in the eighties

My little brother gave me the coolest Christmas present this year. He managed to find-and I still have no idea how-a copy of Vogue from the month and year I was born. It's been hilarious flicking through it and looking at all the old articles and adverts. Here are some of my faves--

Cool hair
Cool colours-I love the lipstick

I love the old cigarette adverts
I remember this advert and the perfume. My mum had it, and when she had finished it she let me keep the bottle. 
Gotta love the eighties for all its puffball loveliness

Reminds me of Gem and me on Soutbourne beach in the summer...Ha ha!

I love this picture-it makes me long for hot summer days.

Certainly my most fun Christmas present this year. Now I'm off to listen to some Soft Cell and drink a glass of Vermouth and lemon. 


Friday, 10 January 2014

Home Thrown

This year I really want to spend more time behind the wheel throwing pots and developing my style. I am hoping to start up a little etsy shop so my ceramic wares can be sold worldwide, it would be so great to know that other people love my pots and are using something I have made to cheer up their daily routine. Last year I focused on my throwing technique and making handles so that throwing pots and cups became effortless. Handles are the trickiest part, but I like the fact that all the pots are different.

Last week my friend Charlotte sent me this video There is a small growing circle of us that have an excited appreciation for all things clay related. This Short film found on thisiscollosal blog here (which is also full of amazing inspiration) is just absolutely spellbinding - I can't wait to have a go! It is a collaboration between animator Jim Le Fevre and Jim Le Fevre  and artists Al Johnstone and Roops from RAMP Ceramics, this whirling clay pot acts like an animated zoetrope when spun at a certain speed. The film was shot by Mike Paterson and Le Fevre discusses the process of building it over on his blog.


A few of my projects in the pipeline!

My Sister also introduced me to these cute ceramic ghosties she discovered on Instagram where I stumbled upon this amazing design Studio - Studio Arhoj


(Photograph from

I love their style and bright pottery! Oh and their lovely illustrations! Copenhagen designers just seem to have this very playful and fun way of looking at things. One day it would be amazing to be part of a studio like this one!

Other potters I admire are:

Atelier Dalo

John Maltby

I wish I could list them all but have a look at my ever growing pinterest board for more information. Keep your eye on our blog for more clay related projects and updates.

Have a great weekend!
Gem x

Monday, 6 January 2014

...around here

Fair play to Gemma for getting things back on track. I've missed writing posts regularly, and keeping our virtual journal up-to-date. Granted, I have been busy-baby number 2 arrived in October and ever since then life has been hectic but wonderful. Here's some things we've been up to lately...

Photos from top to bottom...tiny feet/finally getting organised enough to use reusable nappies/hanging some 'art' work Gem and I played arounf with ages ago using this tutorial/playing with pressies from Father Christmas/getting to the beach as soon as the rain stops (and running home when it starts again)/loving my new trainers (with my trainer buddy big sis)/I have the best intentions of keeping up with Apartment Therapy's January Cure (artwork a Christmas pressie made by Gem).


Saturday, 4 January 2014


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Happy 2014 - Dreams and Resolutions

Happy New Year! I can't believe we have already said farewell to 2013 and 2014 is already galloping ahead of us. I am already looking forward to what this year has in store, but at the same time anxious and worried for the unknown, it's always a bit unsettling, but I also love the opportunity of a fresh start. I think I am becoming more of a worrier in my old age, and that is something I want to shake off this year. What I have realised last month is how much I have missed blogging, and have let work take over my mind and time. This year I really want to get back into sharing projects, memories and being proactive in being creative (especially during the winter months). I am always going to be snowed under with work, but if I don't spend time on my own ideas, they will never happen. And perhaps one day one of those small ideas could turn into something big. So I am even more eager to start fencing in just a little more time for all the things I love; Writing, reading, pottery, sewing, cooking but most of all being with my family and friends.

So here is my very simple New Years Resolutions;

1. Go to bed much earlier
2. Wake at 6.00 am and write for 40mins ( I've had an idea for a book for about 8 years now)
3. Say no when I want to (I'm rubbish at this)
4. Not to worry about work too much
5. See more friends and family - Dinner parties, walks, holidays
6. Plan and book adventures and weekends with friends & family (spontaneity in your 30's is rare)
7. Be creative - Blogging, sewing, writing, drawing, taking photos
8. Launch an etsy shop to sell Pottery and Prints
9. Go and see more live plays and dances
10. Only watch TV - for a certain programmes, read instead or watch old films
11. Rest more - Meditation / Time out
12. Keep blogging and being inspired!

Wishing you all a healthy & happy 2014
come visit us!
Love Gem x