Monday, 6 January 2014

...around here

Fair play to Gemma for getting things back on track. I've missed writing posts regularly, and keeping our virtual journal up-to-date. Granted, I have been busy-baby number 2 arrived in October and ever since then life has been hectic but wonderful. Here's some things we've been up to lately...

Photos from top to bottom...tiny feet/finally getting organised enough to use reusable nappies/hanging some 'art' work Gem and I played arounf with ages ago using this tutorial/playing with pressies from Father Christmas/getting to the beach as soon as the rain stops (and running home when it starts again)/loving my new trainers (with my trainer buddy big sis)/I have the best intentions of keeping up with Apartment Therapy's January Cure (artwork a Christmas pressie made by Gem).


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