Sunday, 23 February 2014

Having a family break in Bridport

This half term has actually gone at a nice pace, sometimes holidays flyby but this one seemed to be filled with long productive days. This is not to say that I am looking forward to jumping back on the work train! We spent the beginning of our holidays in a lovely holiday cottage in Bridport. However old I get I am never going to stop enjoying the company of my wonderful family. If anything my love for them just gets deeper! It's funny how the tables turn I think I worry now about my folks as much as they probably worry about me! Not that they give me any grief, apart from my sides might ache with laughter or my heart might drop a little when its time to say goodbye.

West Bay Waves & Cliffs

Fossils at Charmouth

Binocular Bob

Post Storm Beach Combing 

We had a lovely Meal here - Lovely Staff and the best steak! 

We loved the Antique / Vintage Quarter but unfortunately the power was 
off so didn't get to sit in this lovely Cafe

I hope you had a lovely half term! 
Spring is so close I can smell it and the birds 
are beginning to sing

Gem xx

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Home Thrown Launch

We are happy to announce that our little shop Home Thrown Studio Is finally open!

I am absolutely loving the etsy community, and fear it might become as addictive as pinterest and instagram. We are hoping to set up a print shop over the holidays selling some of our own pics and doodles and some of our designer friends to. It is all very new so any advice would be much appreciated. I have been holding back to promote it on here until my moo cards arrived and the very important fragile tape. I love throwing pots so give me excuse to love it more and have a look at our shop HomeThrownStudio

Keep an eye on the HOMETHROWN Tab for updates in our shop 
we ship from sunny Dorset to all over the world! xx
It's nearly Friday! 

Love Gem x

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Coen Brothers, Spike Jonze, Wes Anderson are all reasons not to hate the rain!

So the rain continues and we are finding ourselves indoors again and again. But instead of fighting it, I am secretly enjoying the opportunity to kick back and relax. This year it seems like we have been absolutely inundated with some very exciting films. My sister and I got around to seeing Inside llewyn Davis last weekend and we loved it. It does not scream Coen Brothers in terms of characterisations or satirical plot lines but it does leave you thinking. Llewyn goes on a short journey in terms of time scale but what he learns on the way is immense and it got me reflecting on life in many ways. Oscar Issac is charismatic and convincing in his performance, so much so that you want to like Llewyn but deep down know that he is ultimately a selfish, lost musician.

Next week ready for valentines day is Spike Jonze greatly anticipated film - HER
I saw the trailer last week and it looks amazing - Joaqiun Phoenix is one of my favourite actors and has been out of the cameras eye for a while now. It also looks like the Tash is back. It's all about the facial hair!

Maria and I also can't wait to see the Dallas Buyers Club, the trailer looks like viewers will get a spectacular performance from Matthew McConaughey.

Will have to wait a little longer but I can't hold back my excitement for Wes Andersons newest quirk fest - The Grand Budapest Hotel. I really wanted to go to the secret cinema event of this, but this month I am broke! Free tickets welcomed! ;)

I was upset to hear this week that the well admired and fantastic actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died from a drug overdose. What saddens me greatly is that nobody should die alone in the way he did. Why is there still such a taboo about drugs in this age we live in?  Would legalising class A drugs in a controlled monitored way be so bad, if the plus side would be that the people who were addicted were monitored by professionals and able to get the help they needed. Big questions. For ages drugs have been associated and represented predominantly as a stereotypical class issue with depictions of the working class and often under represented 'drop outs' of society. But this is not a class issue, this a growing social issue of addiction, influenced by the rat race and high pressures of our current society. The question should be why are people seeking self destructive escapism in the first place? And how can they be helped.

Love your loved ones and keep happy

gem x

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Getting the folks inspired about weaving

A couple of weekends ago I went back to my folks, for a weekend in Bath and a rest in the comforts of a wood burning fire and a good old roast. Maria and I have been talking non stop about all the crafty things we could make this year (all down to our growing pinterest addictions)  yesterday I went over for dinner and we chatted about our weekends. We were laughing at how I managed to get my mum and dad watching over an hour of youtube weaving tutorials. Yes this is our next big craze!

It was pouring with rain on the Sunday of my home visit, the night before I asked dad about the loom he once made years ago for my sister and I out of an old frame. That morning dad was out in the elements hunting it down amongst the rusting bikes and cobwebbed deck chairs. And it had survived! (Just)

Looks like this might need restringing??

 After dinner I sat down and started searching on youtube to see how to make a basic loom. Very soon I was joined by my mum who also wants to learn how to weave a rag rug, then our dog piggy, followed quickly by my dad, who instantly became inspired in planning to make both me and mum a loom. So there you have my little weaving tale of two generations and a dog being inspired to weave!

It was this amazing woven hanging that started our obsession - By the very talented team: BrookandLyn
Wall art
We are having difficulty stopping ourselves from pinning anything and everything woven - Here are a few of our favourite pins.
mini weaving

This is from  Cathy McMurray lovely etsy shop

Moon to Moon: Weaving: MaryAnne Moodies Wall Hangings

MaryanneMoodie's - Amazing Weaves

Bring on the rain! You will find us Weaving!

Gem x