Friday, 27 June 2014

living in the wilderness

Last weekend was just as expected....ok better than expected. The warmest summer solstice you could wish for,camping under the stars with like minded folk. Slowing down and taking it all in. Camp Fires and chocolate biscuits, sticky faced children, happy parents resting beside the glow of the camp fire after a busy week. And no mosquito's in sight, only night jars burbling in the evening sky, glow worms spotted and admired, dens made to rest little heads at the end of a fun feverish day of foraging, den building, beach combing and eating the most delicious local grub dished up by the amazing  Dorset Charcuterie guys, Lee, Trev & Ben . That night I slept easy not a thought of the real life crept into my dreams, if every weekend could be like that one I would be very happy. Thank you for the memories, until next year.....

Thank you RSPB & The Dorset Charcuterie x

Happy Summer Adventures

Gem x

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

...hanging out at Southbourne's Shake and Stir festival

We had a lovely meander through Fisherman's Walk on Sunday afternoon, checking out the Shake and Stir Vintage Festival. I've never seen the place look so bustling! There were so many people of all ages enjoying the sunshine and soaking up the atmosphere. A band were playing on the bandstand as some dancers were being given a lesson in some sort of jive dance I think- it looked like lots of fun! There were plenty of vintage stalls selling beautiful wares, and some local artists were there with beautiful creations for sale too. Needless to say we had lots of fun, and it was so great to see our little town come alive (we went last year but it was raining which was such a shame!) Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

 Delicious food and drink for sale. We particularly liked the Camp Cooks and their awesome airstream trailer!

We're already looking forward to next year's festival where we hope to get some babysitters and check out the evening's entertainment. Funtimes!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

...checking out Molly's Den in New Milton

Today my littlest fella and me checked out the new Molly's Den with my step-mum. We are big fans of the Wallisdown one so were keen to give the new one a try. Molly's Den is a 'Vintage Emporium' and here in Dorset there are two sites, and I hear there may be others opening up around the south coast.

As for the New Milton site, we actually preferred the set up. Even though it was much smaller, the sellers seem to have curated their items with care-it had less of a jumble sale feel to it. Plus, it is easy to have a really good look at all the wares without being too overwhelmed by so much stuff. In fact, we had one look round, stopped for a coffee (grown-ups) and mashed banana and avocado (baby-he loves it), and then headed back in for one final look. There were so many things I could have bought, but I controlled myself, and came away with a new rug for the baby's room, a vintage greetings card with a lion on it, and a spotty scarf for me.

So many pretty things

This photo's a bit blurry but I couldn't leave it out-check out all those lamps!

Oh the stove...

See the lion second row from the top? He came home with us. Am now wishing I got the giraffes, and maybe the cat with the jazzy bow-tie too. 
Oh-and check out this photobomber! Cheeky.

Happy Tuesday friends! 
Maria x

Monday, 16 June 2014

Big Wild Sleep Out

This Saturday I will be bunkering under a home made shelter in one of the best locations in Dorset, sleeping under the stars and beside a burning fire is what summers are made for. Amongst the ferns and pine trees down the aptly named nutcracker road on the edge of Wareham river lies RSPB Arne nature reserve. Last year I spent three care free days of volunteering at the reserve;  from sleeping in tents, to homemade shelters and finally sleeping on the beach watching by chance one of the best meteor showers I have ever seen. What do I enjoy the most about camping? I guess it is the guilt free time to be idle and take in my surroundings without any of the daily distractions that fight for my attention. It sounds cliche but it is like all things, you realise what actually makes you happy when your given the time to think and dream. Material items and stresses fall to the wayside when you have the freedom and beauty of the outdoors to enjoy.

This year the Big Sleep Out weekend is happening from the 16th - 22nd of June. Arne nature reserve have a few wild camping events in the next couple of months info here. But you don't need to go to an event, anyone can take part. Dust down those sleeping bags from the attic and invite over some friends, or even better take a road trip to hidden spot you've always wanted to explore.

Here are a list of extra packed items I was grateful of;

1. A woolly Hat
2. Multiple pairs of socks, cotton under layer than as many woollies as you can find
3. leggings under trousers
4. Lots of Blankets
5. Head Torch
6. LOTs of DEET!
7. Sage for the fire
8. Chocolate (A given really)
9. My own mug

I would love  to hear about your outdoor adventures,
Fingers crossed this sunshine continues!

Gem x

Saturday, 14 June 2014

...around here

Wow! The last few weeks have flown by. We have been loving this beautiful sunshine, and are getting out and about as much as possible. Here's a few snapshots of what we have been up to lately.

-Our garden is blooming!-thanks to the green-fingered goddess that is my mother-in-law. We found two of these tin baths in a charity shop, and knew they would be perfect as planters. My father-in-law drilled holes in the bottom for drainage, then we lined them with cardboard to protect the roots from over-heating. We filled them with compost and got planting. Do not ask me what any of these flowers are called-it's all the goddess' doing. She is amazing.
-World Cup fever has definitely hit our house. The biggest of the littles is enjoying his Panini sticker book immensely. Nearly as much as his dad...
-We have been enjoying our record player a lot recently. Billy was given to me as my Mother's Day gift. My boys have great taste in music!
-I organised a load of our spices, grains, etc, recently and has been a revelation! It's spurred me on to organise other areas of our house. I'm planning on a big clear out and some car booting this summer.
-Badbury Rings a few weeks ago. There were thousands and thousands of butter cups-as far as the eye could see. I took far too many photos. I couldn't help myself.

What have you been up to lately?