Monday, 16 June 2014

Big Wild Sleep Out

This Saturday I will be bunkering under a home made shelter in one of the best locations in Dorset, sleeping under the stars and beside a burning fire is what summers are made for. Amongst the ferns and pine trees down the aptly named nutcracker road on the edge of Wareham river lies RSPB Arne nature reserve. Last year I spent three care free days of volunteering at the reserve;  from sleeping in tents, to homemade shelters and finally sleeping on the beach watching by chance one of the best meteor showers I have ever seen. What do I enjoy the most about camping? I guess it is the guilt free time to be idle and take in my surroundings without any of the daily distractions that fight for my attention. It sounds cliche but it is like all things, you realise what actually makes you happy when your given the time to think and dream. Material items and stresses fall to the wayside when you have the freedom and beauty of the outdoors to enjoy.

This year the Big Sleep Out weekend is happening from the 16th - 22nd of June. Arne nature reserve have a few wild camping events in the next couple of months info here. But you don't need to go to an event, anyone can take part. Dust down those sleeping bags from the attic and invite over some friends, or even better take a road trip to hidden spot you've always wanted to explore.

Here are a list of extra packed items I was grateful of;

1. A woolly Hat
2. Multiple pairs of socks, cotton under layer than as many woollies as you can find
3. leggings under trousers
4. Lots of Blankets
5. Head Torch
6. LOTs of DEET!
7. Sage for the fire
8. Chocolate (A given really)
9. My own mug

I would love  to hear about your outdoor adventures,
Fingers crossed this sunshine continues!

Gem x

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