Thursday, 31 January 2013

Wombled Cardigan and Jacket!

What we wore today! We had some fun with our photo shoot this sunny Thursday, still a bit camera shy but we like sharing our  bargains with you. I am going back to my parents this weekend, but I know that Maria has a weekend of chazzer shopping and vintage market browsing to look forward to! I can't wait to see her bargains!


Lovely black silk lined blazer - Boscombe Chazzer

Thursday vogue shoot

We love to accessorise our finds with some little extras
Egyptian  necklace - Tatty Devine

Knitted Scarf Hand Knitted by me! (I ran out of wool right at the end! Hence the yellow) 

Sailor Hand Knit Cardigan - So excited when I found this, a little big but I fell in 
love with the buttons! 

I'm off now to make some Marmalade wish me luck! 

Gem x

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

... wearing even more second hand clothes!

So, here we are again, wearing more old clothes! These items are from 'Bournemouth's Vintage Quarter'-Pokesdown. If you like to shop a bargain and/or love vintage clothing you should definitely check out this little parade of shops. It's one of our favourite places to spend an afternoon browsing. Oh, and this Saturday is the Boscombe Vintage Market. Can't wait! You can read a post about it here.


Dress from Clobber, bag hand-me-down from Aunty. 

Soft Jersey cotton skirt & A beautiful cotton embroidered dress 


Harrods Tweed Vintage Hunting Jacket - Inherited from my mum 
(She thrifted it in her twenties) 
Jersey floral Skirt from 'This is Vintage' in Pokesdown. 

 Will dig out some knit wear tomorrow! 

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

..... clothes that make me smile

So to continue our challenge, this is what I wore yesterday! I love this dress but it is  falling apart, don't look too closely the hem is fraying at the neckline. But I love it, I found it last year with my sister at Battersea car boot, as well as a massive oversized hand knitted jumper. Maria has a lovely collection of vintage dresses and shoes, but my clothes wombling obsession is wooly jumpers, just can't get enough of them. I cannot wait till summer though as I have a few summer dresses waiting patiently for the sun!

The cats make me smile, I particularly like the fact they are wearing Bow ties! 

What is your thrifted favourite? 

gem x

Monday, 28 January 2013 for second hand clothes

Ohidoliketobe... wearing vintage! 

As some of you are well aware, Gem and I love to hunt a bargain. Our favourite places to shop for clothes are charity shops and vintage shops. There are so many reasons for this-the most obvious being that you spend less and therefore can shop more! Also, you never really know what you will find, and what you do find is usually a one off (no chance of turning up to a party wearing the same dress as someone else!). But most of all, what I love about vintage clothes is the fact that someone wore it before, in a previous decade. I love to speculate who that lady might have been, and where she may have worn the item. Clearly, I daydream too much.
Anyway, Gem and I thought it might be fun to set ourselves a challenge of wearing something second hand/vintage every day for a week, take some pics, and then blog about it. Most of our finds come from shops that are local to us, so we really want to celebrate that, and show you all what great finds there are to be had!
So, today it's my turn...

I wore a dress from This is Vintage, Pokesdown (they dont seem to have a website yet), cardigan from a charity shop, and shoes from What Alice Found.
Come back tomorrow and see what Gem wore!

Maria x

Sunday, 27 January 2013

...having a lazy Sunday

Sundays are all about...

fresh juices

bacon sarnies

 getting stuck into a good book

 listening to some records
 having a post-lunch snooze in the teepee
a brisk stroll
 treasure hunting

enjoying a flask of hot chocolate

a little scoot

...and now the boy is safely tucked up in bed, a good box-set.

What did you get up to today?
Maria x

Saturday, 26 January 2013

......a londoner for the weekend!

Today I woke up in this amazing room with my sister in her new Battersea Pad. I love coming to London for the weekend. The pace is so different to sleepy Dorset! There is so much to see and do! We  started the day with a big breakfast, oh and I managed to borrow lots of my sisters clothes! Perks of travelling light!

My sister is a designer and a magpie,  I could spend all day looking at her treasures! 

These boots sure did some walking! 

Somerset House - first stop Tim Walker Photography Exhibition

The exhibition was amazing, it sounds crazy but Tim Walker's over sized snails and giant bees seemed almost believable, in his dream like compositions. 

we were getting Peckish, so my sis took me to Dishoom, we had no idea it was India's Republic day today! We got Chai's on the house!

The Calamari and Roti Bread was delicious! 

The display in the ladies! 

My sister had some Liberty Gold Coins to spend! (I will do a 'what we bought post' soon) 

I Could spend hours in this shop! Oh and this one...

We have completely collapsed on the sofa, and will not be moving for a while

Have a lovely weekend!  

Gem x

Friday, 25 January 2013

...reading stories to the kiddo

Definitely one of our favourite things to do. The little fella loves a book, and now he has quite an impressive library. I thought it would be nice to share our current top 5 reads with you.

Dogger - Shirley Hughes
 Our lovely friend Alice stayed with us this summer on a visit from Australia, and she gave the small one a copy of Dogger which she loved so much when she was little. This one is a hit-especially the page where Dogger is at the fair, and Dave spies him. Oh the excitement! It's a must read.

A Bit Lost - Chris Haughton
 The illustrations in this book are just lovely, and some of the characters are hilarious. We are big fans of the squirrel with his inquisitive facial expressions.

The Three Robbers - Tomi Ungerer
The little guy's first Christmas present. It was the husband's favourite book as a kiddo, and we saw it in the Tate Modern and snapped it up.

Forever Young - Bob Dylan with illustrations by Paul Rogers

Ok- I have to be truthful with this one. The boy is not interested in this even a little bit. But he doesn't know what he is talking about! It's Bob Dylan! And check out those illustrations. There are no words.

How to Catch a Star - Oliver Jeffers
 Anything by Oliver Jeffers is a winner. We haven't come across one yet that the boy hasn't insisted on reading over and over. Love, love, LOVE!

There are many more- I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen is so funny, whilst the oldies like the Mog series, and anything by Doctor Seuss are always delightful. I'm loving discovering new tales, and rediscovering old favourites.

What stories do the little ones in your life love?
Maria x

Thursday, 24 January 2013

....discovering the Purbeck Larder

We are still reeling with excitement about discovering this special space, just up the road from where we work. When we pulled around the narrow farm track, to see barn doors opened up revealing French antiques and treasures, we gasped (and made faces to each other in our car mirrors)!

Purbeck Larder is a farm yard with a cafe, a posh looking butchers/Charcuterie (both are closed at the moment for refurbishment, due to be open next week), and two barns filled with French furniture and beautiful bric a brac. This place is well worth a visit. We loved; Enamel ware, old French signs, colourful iron chairs, huge antique mirrors....... the list goes on!! We can't wait to come back here- something tells us we will be regulars. 

Check out our grins! 

You just never know what's on your doorstep! 

Gem & Maria x