Sunday, 27 January 2013

...having a lazy Sunday

Sundays are all about...

fresh juices

bacon sarnies

 getting stuck into a good book

 listening to some records
 having a post-lunch snooze in the teepee
a brisk stroll
 treasure hunting

enjoying a flask of hot chocolate

a little scoot

...and now the boy is safely tucked up in bed, a good box-set.

What did you get up to today?
Maria x


  1. We took a day trip to Mersea Island in Essex and took advantage of the first sunny day in an age. We walked along the beach in the wind, collected shells and stones and even did some foraging - we collected 2 carrier bags of oysters to take home and cook, although a few were eaten straight on the beach, corkscrew in hand. Note to self - must buy an oyster knife for Toby! Martha and Toby feasted on a pint of prawns from a seafood shed before our journey home, and for some reason Martha kept calling them "beanies". Wishing we lived by the sea too. Never heard of your box set - any good? Cara x

  2. Oh my! Sounds like the perfect Sunday! Miss you guys x x and yes-Bored to Death is great-so funny! It's about a writer who is struggling to write his second novel so does some private investigating on the side. You'd love it x x