Thursday, 24 January 2013

....discovering the Purbeck Larder

We are still reeling with excitement about discovering this special space, just up the road from where we work. When we pulled around the narrow farm track, to see barn doors opened up revealing French antiques and treasures, we gasped (and made faces to each other in our car mirrors)!

Purbeck Larder is a farm yard with a cafe, a posh looking butchers/Charcuterie (both are closed at the moment for refurbishment, due to be open next week), and two barns filled with French furniture and beautiful bric a brac. This place is well worth a visit. We loved; Enamel ware, old French signs, colourful iron chairs, huge antique mirrors....... the list goes on!! We can't wait to come back here- something tells us we will be regulars. 

Check out our grins! 

You just never know what's on your doorstep! 

Gem & Maria x

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  1. I so want to come here with you two when im next down in sunny Poole x