Monday, 28 January 2013 for second hand clothes

Ohidoliketobe... wearing vintage! 

As some of you are well aware, Gem and I love to hunt a bargain. Our favourite places to shop for clothes are charity shops and vintage shops. There are so many reasons for this-the most obvious being that you spend less and therefore can shop more! Also, you never really know what you will find, and what you do find is usually a one off (no chance of turning up to a party wearing the same dress as someone else!). But most of all, what I love about vintage clothes is the fact that someone wore it before, in a previous decade. I love to speculate who that lady might have been, and where she may have worn the item. Clearly, I daydream too much.
Anyway, Gem and I thought it might be fun to set ourselves a challenge of wearing something second hand/vintage every day for a week, take some pics, and then blog about it. Most of our finds come from shops that are local to us, so we really want to celebrate that, and show you all what great finds there are to be had!
So, today it's my turn...

I wore a dress from This is Vintage, Pokesdown (they dont seem to have a website yet), cardigan from a charity shop, and shoes from What Alice Found.
Come back tomorrow and see what Gem wore!

Maria x


  1. Muito bom o blog, parabéns pelo o tópico está ótimo.