Thursday, 17 January 2013

.....searching for creative inspiration and discovering Beci Orpin

I am always on the look out for creative ideas, whether it is inspiration for my flat, or crafty projects. I am really lucky to have so many friends who are on the same wave length as me. Who get excited about a piece of fabric or the shape of a tap, or another great woolly jumper! My old flatmate came over last week and we ended up laughing about the fact that we seem to pin each others pins on pinterest within seconds. It got us chatting and catching up with the latest things we have found! And this is when Jo introduced me to Beci Orpin. She had received her book "Find and Keep" 26 projects to spark your imagination for Christmas and was literally dragging me to the computer to show me her site saying with lots of animation "you will LOVE her art work" and she was absolutely right. Who couldn't love the colours and fun illustrations, and collages which scream happy memories of childhood. It is great!

 I discovered that Beci Orpin lives in Australia, she comes from a textile background. And is now predominantly a mother who has a clothes line 'tiny mammoth and her own stationary and home ware range, as well as writing a few books. I just don't know when she gets the time to do everything.

I hope you like her work as much as I do!

 As soon as I saw this I was Sold!! 

Beci Orpin - Image from a great blog called Pattern Pulp

 One Day  


 I know whats going on my January Wish list, I can't wait to have this in my hands! 

I am hoping it will snow tomorrow so I can have a day of crafting,
Thank you so much Beci Orpin for your inspiration!  

gem x

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