Friday, 11 January 2013

... ... travelling on my two wheeler pedal powered friend

Tomorrow morning the plan is to wake up and go for breakfast somewhere in Boscombe maybe Bosconova or Urban reef and go shopping for a second hand bike for my flat mate. There is something about cycling that is so much fun! Maybe it's reliving that sense of freedom that you had when you were a child, or the ability to take in all those things you miss when you are driving. I'm not the type of cyclist that races around trying to beat their time. I cycle for the pure fun of it!

I am hoping this dry sunny weather stays around for a view days so that we can get on our bikes and go for a beach ride! Below are a few of my favourite bike accessories that I bought last year for my bike, who I have named Jean-Pierre Jeunet  after my favourite french film director, as the second hand bike I bought was french I thought it should have a french name.

My Bike Jean.P.J and a curious french cat

My Basic Bike Kit - And where I found the best bargains!  

1. Little Bell - Wilkinsons
2. Bungees - Really useful for tying bags to bike rack - Wilkinsons 
3. Knog Frog Lights -  bright little gems - Amazon
4.  Bike Pannier Rack - So you can pack a picnic!  (make sure you buy a strong one) local bike shop
5.  Lazer Armor Helmet (so comfy and visible on the road - Amazon

Last year I peddled past french meadows full of wild flowers! 

I love leaving the car and taking a cycle trip across the ferry and over the Purbecks

I am saving up for this lovely Pannier side bag for the summer 
I stumbled across the website Cycle Chic last year and I want everything on the site. Jean will
have to wait a little while for his next upgrade.. purse strings are tight this January!

Have a lovely Weekend! 

gem x


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