Saturday, 19 January 2013

.... sledging in the snow

Yesterday I got that phone call that everyone wants to get! The 6.30am call that tells you not to rush out of bed because it's a SNOW DAY! I leaped out of bed did a merry dance and then got back under the covers! It was a very cold day, but I decided to brace the cold air and head down to the beach, we didn't get it so bad on the coast, but it was Freezing! Some like minded friends were also heading for the beach for a game of Baules!....... I know! ...They are mad!

After a morning of hot chocolate and waffles we headed to Badbury rings, as we drove further into the main land, it was like opening the wardrobe doors to Narnia. It was amazing, we threw ourselves down the ring slopes on  tiny kids sledge and on skim boards. It was so much fun. I took some really funny pictures. But half way through our day I realised to any bloggers/instagramer's horror that I had  lost my new iPhone! Whoops so somewhere on Badbury rings is a very wet phone.  I don't regret the day at all though it was the best friday I have had this year! We where also lucky enough to be fed a delicious hot welsh beef soup from Rob's mum (thank you Rob's mum)  So all in all a very fun day! Thanks Jon & Rob, we have some funny videos so I will upload them as soon as I get them from Jon!

And today, I did it all over again, Not everyone got a snow day yesterday so my flatmate and some friends and I headed back to these ancient rings for some more snow fun!

 Snow prep! 
 Oh the anticipation of another day in the snow! 
Ree enjoying a very Hot Choc! 

Go Tom! 

Go Cheers! 

I hope you have all been enjoying the snow,
Keep safe and Have a fun weekend! 

Gem x

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