Tuesday, 15 January 2013

......wombling for bargains!

Maria and I like nothing else than a little time to womble around our local charity shops (chazzers) and look for some bargains. It is still a hobby that is not yet universally appreciated so there are still some great treasures out there! (If you look hard enough) Over the Christmas holidays I managed to find some good finds in the charity shops on my travels. My mum is an enthusiastic wombler to so I was with good company. Here are a few of my recent purchases, I hope you like them as much as I do!

1. Hand knitted Blue Sailor Cardigan - It said it was size 20 but It wasn't that big at all! 
2. Lobster Crackers - I've never had lobster before but this year I'm prepared, Yum
3. A sweet collectors shelf - I think it would be originally for thimbles, but will use for little treasures
4. A gorgeous bowl, great for salads or olives
5. Gorgeous enamel tray its really big - It reminds me of  summer
6. This was found in the sale of urban outfitters in the vintage renewal range, it has become my staple winter jumper! 

What charity shop / bargains have you found lately? 
Have a great week! 

gem x

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