Tuesday, 22 January 2013

.... watching Borgen and knitting in bed

We've all come down with colds this week! feeling a little cream crackered. I usually go to pottery on a Tuesday, but the weather is pretty slushy and didn't fancy sitting in the studio tonight. So I have spent the night in bed (it's the warmest place in the house) and have started knitting myself a scarf. Inspired by making one for Mr hare at the weekend.

To entertain me whilst I clack my needles I've been watching the  Danish political drama 'Borgen', I missed the two hours on Saturday night, so I have been catching up with everything that is happening to Birgitte, she's having a bit of a tough ride this week! It's pretty chilly typing here so I am going to jump back into bed! Will keep you updated with my scarf progress!

Borgen & Knitting (So Rock & Roll this Tuesday Evening) 

I'm hoping it will look like this Renwegg Scarf from Anthropology! 

Happy Hare now he has a scarf I made him to skinny! 

Wishing Maria a quick recovery from her cold! She will be here tomorrow 
with a post about baking bread with her dad! 

gem x

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