Friday, 4 January 2013

......reminiscing about New Year

Happy New Year!  I have now returned safe and sound from the wonderful mountains of Snowdonia. I hope that my year continues to be full of beautiful sites, friends, laughter, silliness, good food and wine and plenty of merriment. I didn't need to be anxious, as soon as we hit Wales I soon relaxed and soaked up the countryside. 

Portmeirion was just as lovely as I remembered it, we were in the Scandinavian looking Toll House again this year but were given one of the best rooms in the house; The 360 degree loft room, it was pretty snug and Tuesday night we thought we were going to get blown away but it was worth it for the view! 

We rented this amazing house and the house next door called battery with a group of friends. We spent New Years eve celebrating by dressing up as the creator of Portmeirion Sir Clough Williams- Ellis. My sister and I ran around Porthmadog Charity shops and managed to pull together some convincing outfits. 

Clough Williams- Ellis

Friends as Clough! 

Clough Shadows - I wonder what the neighbours thought?

Sir William Clough- Ellis - signature yellow socks

When we weren't dressing up as 'Cloughy' we spent our day's walking in the woods and playing Frisbee and watching episodes of the cult series the Prisoner. I love going away for New Year, the end of Christmas can feel a little sad so it feels like a real treat to getaway. 

I am really excited about what this year is going to bring - I am going to have to do some thinking about my New Years resolutions. In the mean time I'm going to curl up in front of the fire with the family and enjoy the last days of freedom before work beckons my brain!

gem x

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