Friday, 27 June 2014

living in the wilderness

Last weekend was just as expected....ok better than expected. The warmest summer solstice you could wish for,camping under the stars with like minded folk. Slowing down and taking it all in. Camp Fires and chocolate biscuits, sticky faced children, happy parents resting beside the glow of the camp fire after a busy week. And no mosquito's in sight, only night jars burbling in the evening sky, glow worms spotted and admired, dens made to rest little heads at the end of a fun feverish day of foraging, den building, beach combing and eating the most delicious local grub dished up by the amazing  Dorset Charcuterie guys, Lee, Trev & Ben . That night I slept easy not a thought of the real life crept into my dreams, if every weekend could be like that one I would be very happy. Thank you for the memories, until next year.....

Thank you RSPB & The Dorset Charcuterie x

Happy Summer Adventures

Gem x

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