Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Getting the folks inspired about weaving

A couple of weekends ago I went back to my folks, for a weekend in Bath and a rest in the comforts of a wood burning fire and a good old roast. Maria and I have been talking non stop about all the crafty things we could make this year (all down to our growing pinterest addictions)  yesterday I went over for dinner and we chatted about our weekends. We were laughing at how I managed to get my mum and dad watching over an hour of youtube weaving tutorials. Yes this is our next big craze!

It was pouring with rain on the Sunday of my home visit, the night before I asked dad about the loom he once made years ago for my sister and I out of an old frame. That morning dad was out in the elements hunting it down amongst the rusting bikes and cobwebbed deck chairs. And it had survived! (Just)

Looks like this might need restringing??

 After dinner I sat down and started searching on youtube to see how to make a basic loom. Very soon I was joined by my mum who also wants to learn how to weave a rag rug, then our dog piggy, followed quickly by my dad, who instantly became inspired in planning to make both me and mum a loom. So there you have my little weaving tale of two generations and a dog being inspired to weave!

It was this amazing woven hanging that started our obsession - By the very talented team: BrookandLyn
Wall art
We are having difficulty stopping ourselves from pinning anything and everything woven - Here are a few of our favourite pins.
mini weaving

This is from  Cathy McMurray lovely etsy shop

Moon to Moon: Weaving: MaryAnne Moodies Wall Hangings

MaryanneMoodie's - Amazing Weaves

Bring on the rain! You will find us Weaving!

Gem x

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