Tuesday, 14 January 2014

...born in the eighties

My little brother gave me the coolest Christmas present this year. He managed to find-and I still have no idea how-a copy of Vogue from the month and year I was born. It's been hilarious flicking through it and looking at all the old articles and adverts. Here are some of my faves--

Cool hair
Cool colours-I love the lipstick

I love the old cigarette adverts
I remember this advert and the perfume. My mum had it, and when she had finished it she let me keep the bottle. 
Gotta love the eighties for all its puffball loveliness

Reminds me of Gem and me on Soutbourne beach in the summer...Ha ha!

I love this picture-it makes me long for hot summer days.

Certainly my most fun Christmas present this year. Now I'm off to listen to some Soft Cell and drink a glass of Vermouth and lemon. 


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