Thursday, 8 May 2014

Growing out of the shared nest

My mind has been wondering to the thought of building my very own nest for years, but this year it's become an incessant yearning. To fuel this fire even more I have 24 hour access to pinterest were I can pin all the kilam rugs and white wash walls and gallery photo walls I want, falling into a world of clean interiors, until my eyelids drop and sleep prevails. I have never wanted something so much .....apart from a guinea pig when I was 6.

My parents although found hard,  could piece together what they could find, and get on the property ladder, it seems increasingly impossible nowadays to climb the greasy ladder of the housing market. Many thoughts hinder my over active mind at the moment; but no more so the urge to be living as an adult. I feel stuck in perpetual '20 something' mode, trying to make ends meet. Without sounding self important/ pompous,  I feel those days should be behind me. In my early thirties with a good job and time spent investing in my career I feel it is time that I should be able to live comfortably ( I don't mean lording it up being fed grapes) But working taps, and a warm house. But the realities are; still living in a shared house, a collection of mismatched furniture to match the sometimes thrown together housemates. Although some of these years have been great fun and I have made life long friends, it gets to a point were the little things (grown up things) do start to bother you. 

So this year it is my aim to scrimp and save and perhaps borrow, so that I can lay down roots in the place that I now call home. 

corners of my rented space

"Future nest Ideas"

Fav dreamy interior blogs are: 

 The Plumed Nest

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Would love to here about your flat/house buying tips! 
Love Gem x

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