Tuesday, 23 September 2014

at the Dorset County Show

It was recommended to me that I should go to the Dorset County Show so this I did. I don't know why I've never been as it was just up my street. Even though I have lived in Dorset for 6 years it reminded me that I spend my time in the areas that I have grown to love, but don't really take the time to explore further than the radius of Hengistbury Head to Lulworth.

There was so much to see.....and eat! ....The cheeses.. cakes..pies...sweets!  It is a surprise I didn't roll home. I loved how you could have contact with the animals and talk to the owners and breeders. I had no idea what an assortment of different breeds of sheep and cows you could get. All were stunning in their own little way. I sank my hand into the coat of one sheep and lost it in it's thick fleece. My friend asked me what was my favourite animal there; My answer was initially the piglets, then no the goats, oh and the sheep not forgetting the amazing Bulls.

It was a shame that Maria got stuck in traffic on Saturday and didn't join us as I would have loved to have seen the look on the Little's faces, when they saw the rows of tractors and animals. So that would be my only tip! Come as early as you can to beat the traffic and leave later to avoid it going home. Maria and her family did go on the Sunday and absolutely loved it.  I did really well not coming home with enough animals for a small holding and enough cheese for a cheese cake factory. But I did buy myself a lovely cheese wedge door stop and a sheep skin rug to wiggle my toes in come winter.

This show will definitely become an end of summer tradition and break the fall of having to go back to work.

 Big kids making bees wax candles

 In its life time a bee only produces a teaspoon of honey! 
 My dream car!! 

 Didn't bring enough cash for this lovely moon print 

So white and cuddly! 

Stunning - I think these are long horns could be wrong! 

Lets hope the farmer hasn't counted these piggies 

Just like in the film Amelie - I loved putting my hands into these sacks of grain and wheat

Love a goat especially when they look this snuggly 

Could make a great leek and bacon dish with these guys! 

Cheeky Sheep with his cider bucket 

Alpacas are amazing I can't get over their gentle nature and long eyelashes

Loved this inquisitive goat! They have so much personality

This made me laugh! poor uglies! Bet they taste ok! 

We would love to hear from you about your summer finds! 

Gem x

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