Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Dreaming of Iceland with 'Of Monsters and Men'

Last night Maria her husband and I, went to see the much anticipated; Of Monsters and Men at the O2 in Boscombe. It was amazing! I love the passion and positivity that echoes in everyone of their songs, the gentle buoyancy of their lyrics float longer in my head than the songs last. We all left feeling pretty up beat about life and the future. Throughout the performance Maria and I shared our love for Icelandic /Scandinavian style; the beards, the houses, the weather, the food, the landscape........ So far all of these images are provided by the hyper reality of lovely magazines and inspiring blogs!

I think a trip is on the cards!

Thank you 'Of Monsters And Men' for a great evening!

Maria's favourite song;

Slow & Steady 
"My dear , old friend, take me for a spin
Two wolves in the dark, running in the wind"

Gem's  favourite song;

"The sea said goodbye to the shore so the sun wouldn't notice 
The seaweed that wrapped its arms around you"

Maria - "I wish I was Icelandic" 
Gem - "Me to!"

Would love to know about any other Icelandic music you are enjoying! x

Gem x

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