Wednesday, 26 June 2013

....Tie Dying

Since last summer I have been dying to Tie Dye!  (Alan Partridge-  unfunny pun) So this weekend taking advantage of my sister being down to stay, this is exactly what we did.  Maria and her little boy came over to help us out, it was great fun! The plan is to do it again in the summer and make a day of it with friends and a BBQ. There is talk of making things for the little ones, bright yellow duvet covers and little baby grows! I can't wait. My sister is going to make a quilt blanket from her bed sheet so watch this space for an up date soon! 

You need to soak your clothes first! 

Adding concentrated Dye! Love the colour! 

Little man, washing our pebbles to make patterns with! 

Twisting and Tying knots and pebbles make great patterns! 

reviving old festival T-shirts 

This is the best bit! What are we going to get .... 

We found the instant Dylon Sachets really easy to use, and helpful tips are suggested here

Fingers crossed for a long summer's day 
for more Tie Dying Fun! 

Gem x

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