Tuesday, 4 June 2013

...enjoying the start of the summer (or have I spoken too soon?!)

Wow. It has been a particularly hectic few months here, that I feel I am only just managing to catch my breath. The couple of lazy sunny days we have had recently have helped to recharge my tired old batteries, and I feel inspired to 'blog on' with renewed energy and vigour (!)
So, I am going to start with another little catch up on what we have been doing lately. It involves lots of eating and lazing in the sun; my two favourite past times.
 Sunbathing in my parents' garden (ours is a bit of a building site at the moment-but more on that soon). This magnolia tree has been looking particularly lovely these last few days.

 More flowers! We are trying to teach the little fella some of their names.

Hanging out and eating delicious home cooked food with good friends at supper club.

Paddling pool fun.

More eating! I have been experimenting a lot lately with homemade burgers. They are so easy to make. I just use good quality minced meat, add a bit of salt and pepper, mould into small patties with my hands, and grill on the BBQ. Easy peasy.

Listening to this summery song on repeat in the car. The little guy has just discovered it. He says 'I love this bit' when it gets to the chorus. I couldn't agree more.

What have you been up to lately? Let's hope the sunshine continues!

Maria x

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