Friday, 7 June 2013

Gem's June Wish List

How have we got to June already! I usually find wish lists really easy, but this month it appears that all I really want is friends, tasty summer food and sunny weather. But after a little bit of pondering I realised these little summer essentials could easily be added to my summer!

1. Badger After Sun Balm (I might have to get this as a matter of sun protection)
2. Some very expensive but stylish Ray Bans (I need to protect my ageing eyes) 
3. A wetsuit for our typically British Summer
4. Sea Water Originals for Paddling on pebble beaches
5. Maria has told be lots about the Carnegie Book Prize Shortlist,
 I think I will start with the Weight of Water!
6.This lovely cotton smock top from Seasalt

what's on your Summer Wish List? 

Have a great weekend! 

Gem x

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