Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Falling into the world of Wes Anderson

Sunday evening we finished an amazingly warm weekend watching The Grand Budapest Hotel. Maria and I had been urgently wanting to see it! I am not going to critique the film here, I'll leave that to the critics. Only it was an absolute Marvel to the eye! (I think Gustave H would have described it in this way)

Here are10 reasons why I feel that Wes and I would make the very best of friends.

Images are from my Favourites: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Mooonrise Kingdom, Life Aquatic, Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited, The Royal Teneabaums

  • He clearly loves people - All his characters are warm and funny and likable (Apart from his awful villains, who are greedy and spiteful and deserve to face their flaws) 

  •  We both LOVE the colour yellow

  •  He loves childhood memories - Tents, Music, books, 

  • He loves hand written letters

  •  He is obsessed with detail and the very fine touches that makes things 'real'

  •  His attention to costume and set design is amazing - I would definitely hire him to be my personal stylist

  • He loves a good old adventure

  •  He celebrates friendships and families in every film

  •  He makes outsiders cool

  • His world through a camera is better and brighter than life itself and he's not afraid to be silly!

Thank you Wes Anderson, for sharing your world! 

Gem x

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