Tuesday, 11 March 2014

...hanging with the boys

My oldest friends and me have all had boys. Honestly-there is not a girl in sight! Between us there are 7 boys under 7-one for every year-and, I know this sounds nauseating, but they all get on famously. I think I must still have some baby hormones floating around in me because lately just watching them play together makes me well up a little. They are just amazing.

A little while ago we took them out to the woods for a play. Boys being boys they found sticks and branches and hacked at things as they walked/ran along. They raced, scooted, fell over and had to change trousers, ate sandwiches with mucky hands, and tried to drag back trees that had fallen in the storms. They found dens built by previous visitors and hid out in them, and collected sticks, pine cones and stones to bring home. At times they felt brave and wondered off the path a little, but always within sight of their mamas. All in all it was a perfect afternoon. 

Man, I love the boys.

Maria x

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