Tuesday, 22 July 2014

...making thank you gifts for teachers

This Friday is my eldest boy's last day at preschool. And yes-what they say is true; time really does go by so fast and I can't believe the day is nearly here! Anyway, I wanted to give something homemade to his preschool teachers to say thank you for everything they've done this year. My boy is not really into arts and crafts, so persuading him to help me with a little project can be quite a challenge. This task kept his attention for all of 5 minutes-quite an achievement I can tell you!
These chalkpainted planters are nothing new-if you look on Pinterest and so on there are loads of ideas for how to use the paint. We had some left over from our blackboard kitchen wall, and I bought some terracotta plant pots and small lavender plants from B and Q. We (I!) painted the lower part of the pots with a couple of coats of paint, and wrote on them with chalk when they dried. Job done! A very simple, quick DIY gift that I hope his teachers will keep and reuse in the future.

Have you done any easy DIYs recently?
Maria x

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