Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Discovering new campsites in Dorset

The first weekend of the holidays Maria suggested we all get away for the weekend and go camping. I never need much encouragement so we all set of in convoy to a quiet little patch in the middle of the Purbecks. During the drive I was directed down a very narrow road and was convinced we were going the wrong way. It was far too pretty not to believe it, so we followed the road we missed this little sign and and had to do a U turn, for others this would be a bad sign, for us It was just what we wanted to see, Simplicity!

The campsite was recommended on Junkaholique  . Artemis is absolutely right,  Jims Place is the perfect campsite. Like walking back into my childhood; A small summer field a few tents, the sounds of a handful of happy children. No kids club, shop, smell of a chip fryer in sight. Only a meadow of wild flowers, some free roaming guinea fowl and a big open space to just 'be'.

We enjoyed walking around the little village and were delighted by the bunches of sweet peas for sale and the free courgettes on offer.

We will definitely be going again!

Yes the courgette was hot and needed to cool down! 

This Cottage!! Swoooooooon

This little one really loved his first camping trip! 

We had courgettes and chorizo for starters! Yum

Morning Coffee - Enamel ware at the ready! 

 A three year old is very useful for jumping/rolling on things, when it is time to pack up camp

We would love to hear of your Dorset Campsite recommendations 

Gem & Maria 

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