Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Printmaking with Peckham Print Studios at the Good Life Experience

Whilst at "The Good Life Experience" we got to experience the fun of screen printing. The boys from Peckham print studio were really patient in showing us how the process worked, we asked a lot of questions!!  It was a lot of fun, screening the bright orange paint over the surface for it to appear like magic on the tote beneath, I think Maria and I could have been there all day if it wasn't for the long drive home. It was definitely a high light of our day,we thought our luck was running out; we waited with excitement to learn how to carve a spoon with Hatchett & Bear and then learnt that we needed to have put our names on the waiting list, we went to buy a t-shirt at Best Made and they had sold out! But making these bags and eating all the tasty food definitely put a smile back on our faces. Autumn has arrived and we are already hunting down screen print workshops at Poole Print Makers, but perhaps a weekend trip to Peckham Print Studio needs to be added to our bucket list! 

Gem & Maria 


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