Tuesday, 30 October 2012

...searching for treasure to feather my nest

Here are a few photos of corners of my bedroom, as you can see it's getting pretty full up with car boot, charity shop finds. The record player is probably one of my favourite possessions it was a gift from my older brother and twin sister last christmas and I use it almost everyday! My record collection is growing and growing. The suitcases were a brilliant find at a car booty at Bath race course, the mirror below was bought for £3 at our local house clearance shop called Treasure Island, it is probably my favourite shop of all! The mirror above my bed is made from collected drift wood from the beach, which I stuck onto a cheap mirror from wilkinsons with brilliant no nails glue! I will post more corners of my flat soon! I would love to see yours, get in contact, it is always fun to nose into other peoples nests for inspiration! 

gem x

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