Saturday, 27 October 2012

...telling you a little about us.


I'm 29 years of age and stepping ever closer to the big 30 in December. I love all things vintage, it must be  my nostalgic soul and love for old photographs and films. I studied film making at art college and still dabble when I can. Me and Maria work together and are constantly nattering about our most recent charity shop bargains or vintage clothes.  We decided a blog would provide a nice creative outlet to share all our interests and stories of our Saturday wombles and general thrifting and fashion chats. Hopefully our blog posts will begin to show you more about what we are all about and what we most love about life! For now I will allow my screen saver to tell you a little about my favourite things! Yes you've guessed it! Bob Dylan, Art - (Picasso bread fingers) Beards, Norwegian Jumpers, Illustration, Wes Anderson Films, and vintage/junk shopping are just a few!


Hi! My name is Maria. I'm a mother of an energetic and fun 2 year old, and a lover of living by the sea. I like hunting for trinkets and going for coffee and cake in cosy cafes.

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