Thursday, 23 May 2013

....finding out about Vivian Maier and other inspirations

Tonight I have been mostly blowing my nose (summer cold.. or would be if it actually felt like summer)  and watching long episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Whilst this cathartic activity has strayed my mind a little I have still been reflecting very much on how memories are captured and saved. I am not sure if  this relates to the time in which we are in, at the moment at work; taking photographs of our classes and trying to somewhat capture that moment in a digital celluloid, that is making me slightly more obsessive about why I have such an instinctive need to have something solid to save my memories on. Maybe it makes it easier to say goodbye to the past...... sorry about my mindless cold induced ramblings. Anyway I thought I would share with you some of my inspiring finds that have really sparked my imagination these last couple of weeks.

This is  a film clip my friend Jindy sent me of London in 1927. It is just mesmerising and really moving, all those people busy with their lives and the vitality and life that is captured within the beautiful film making, appears effortless and seamless. I just can't believe it was filmed in 1927  - and don't get me started on the buses!

London in 1927 from Tim Sparke on Vimeo.

And tonight I found this. At work I am truly spoilt, surrounded all the time by like minded photography & film enthusiasts. Especially my boss who has more cameras than anyone I know and is forever developing his own film (I really can't see how jessop's went out of business) So I am always on the look out for news on Photography exhibitions and film projects. Tonight I found this amazing glimpse of a life of a secret snapper - Vivian Maier through The Jealous Curator blog.

I can't wait to watch this film! 

more info can be found here

Her photos instantly reminded me of the well known documentary photographer Diane Arbus. But this lady's talents were never really celebrated until this young man John Maloof bought some of her negatives at an auction. Spiralling from this amazing discovery is a documentary feature film and Photography exhibition of her work. Beneath the Americanisation of this story is something really exciting. This nugget of inspiration and the help of my creative friends have inspired me to get my Olympus trip out this holiday and  get snapping!

Have a great Friday! 

Gem x

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