Saturday, 18 May 2013

....the wonder years

Hello! Sorry it  has been a while, life has got busy busy in the last few weeks, school days mostly filling up my waking hours. But this week has been momentous. Nearly five years ago I started my teaching career and were introduced to my tutor group of sweet looking 11 year old's all as scared and nervous as me, but putting on a brave face. And yesterday I shared with them their last day at secondary school. Those five years of chasing, laughing, organising and watching them find their passions and teenage spirit, has been quite something. I really wanted to send them off in style and share with them quite how much they have changed and grown up, so I made them a little film each. (wish I could show you, but can't) I realised this week that I would be no longer greeted by their smiles (sleepy grunts) in the mornings. So this little post is a homage for them, I hope their lives are filled with love, happiness and adventure and they greet every life hurdle they face with resilience and good humour! I also hope that our current government will hopefully wake up and realise that teaching is more than preparing children for  exam success. It's children's minds, hearts and souls that are important, how they see themselves in society; where they will fit in? discovering what their passions are? I won't forget this group, they were my first wave of students to see through their school days. I will look back at these years with a huge amount of fondness and wonder what they are up to in the big wide world beyond room 5.

Here are a few momentos from their prom:

I found it very hard to keep it together when I was given this little nelly in a little 
bag of trinkets  and tear jerking notes!  
 Thank god this only happens every 5years - (emotional to say the least) 

Have a great weekend! 

Gem x

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