Wednesday, 8 May 2013

.... hanging with the vikings!

OK, I didn't really hang out with any vikings that would probably have gone a bit wrong!  But Saturday night I had the great opportunity to go and listen to a story telling session at the Ancient Technology centre. And it was brilliant, I could easily live there with a few chickens and goats for company (umm not the vikings and Saxon warriors). This place is nestled in the middle of Cranbourne, I can't wait to go back in the daytime and have a good look around the village, I saw a sign for a pottery which I would like to follo. Anyway... back to Saturday night, so we arrived in haste to the story telling neither my friend or myself had been before, we followed a straw path and were greeted by a big timber barn (The long house) And a cute looking hobbit house (round house) where the story telling was held. In the centre of the round house was a roaring fire, the best setting for a night listening to stories. The story tellers were; Jan Blake, Kouame Sereba and Raymond Sereba,  we sat and listened to the tale of the Old Woman, the Buffalo and the lion of Manding. The story was accompanied by music throughout and the tale was brought alive by Jan's charismatic, transportive delivery! I can't recommend this enough! I will definitely be going back for more! I love a good old story around a campfire, me and some friends are going to arrange an evening of just that, very soon.

half time mulled apple juice! 

Sometimes you just need to go back to basics 

Hope you are having a good week! 

Gem x

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