Wednesday, 7 November 2012

....making pasties!

This winter weather has made me feel pretty peckish for a pasty. This weekend, I knew I would get hungry working on my stall and decided a good old pasty would satisfy my hunger.

 You can make pasties out of basically anything you have rolling around in your fridge, it's a great idea if you have bits of veg lying around that you need eating up! I made the pastry by hand but home bought is easier if you are in a hurry. Make the pastry up first and then let it rest in cling film in the fridge for 35-45 mins. Whilst the pastry is resting you can gently be cooking through the meat and adding the vegetables to the stock so that they are cooked before the final baking. I roughly followed Jamie Oliver's cornish recipe, which has all the exact weightings.

All you need is the following:

Any veggies that tickle your taste buds
Any meat you like (I used thin steak pieces)
2 Onions
Stock cube

Plain Flour
1 Egg

Fry the onions in olive oil and then add your meat - gently fry the meat and then put on a low heat, add the stock and vegetables and gently simmer (Whilst the pastry is resting)

My pasties were monster pasties and maybe a bit heavy on the pastry side, make sure you roll the pastry out quite thin (But thick enough to seal in the filling)

The fun bit - Pinch the edges of the paste in, and then brush over with an egg, for a golden finish!

And Enjoy! x

What are your very winter pocket snacks? I would love to hear about your recipes!

Gem x

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