Sunday, 25 November 2012

....reading artzines like PCTGRM

Last weekend I had a lovely sunday strolling around coffee craft and cupcakes event at Bournemouth Dance Podium. I Picked up a couple of lovely things!

A gorgeous Butterfly necklace from the fabulous Carlitta Monchitta and some dutch stud earrings, because I like to pretend I'm Dutch (ask maria) Make sure you check out Carlitta's beautiful online shop!

I'm also a big fan of local illustrator Nicholas Frith, who was selling lots of gorgeous prints. My purse strings are very tight, and for xmas pressies only! (Well thats what my head was telling me)  but my heart  couldn't resist these retro drink mats which I'm going to turn into xmas decorations.

After our little stroll me and a friend decided that we had earn't a well earned cider and snack at 60 million postcards. The fish finger sandwiches are a must! And that is when I discovered the new artzine PCTGRM (Picotogram) It is only in it's second issue, but it is lovely. Bournemouth is full of creative people, but events and artzines like this are hard to come by. You have to be like a magpie, maybe It's because I live in Poole, perhaps Boscombe and Southbourne are more creative settlements.

Anyway, I finally got a chance today to lie on the sofa and enjoy the second Issue. Which is created by;

Mike Frost  - Editor / Designer , Managed by Lara Skowronska,  with Digital Editor Sam Williams.

Make your own D.I.Y Camera

In conversation with Nicholas Frith (yay)

This Scene Isn't dead!
 (It so isn't!!)
Very much looking forward to seeing Willy Mason & Ben Howard Tonight! (Post to follow)

PCTOGRM is a brilliant free artzine, I would happily pay for it (I know this goes against the values and ideologies of a zine) The design is stunning, the content imaginative and engaging, many of the words and illustrations are from local artists and musicians. The designers are also very ethical and print on 100% recycled paper on an old fashioned Risograph (you can watch their amazing video on their website) My hat goes of to these creative pips and I'd like to thank them very much! I will definitely be on the look out for Issue Three!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend!

Gem x

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