Monday, 12 November 2012

shooting 35mm

Well I used to be really good! I would never go out without my trusty Olympus OM10 camera. At uni I had it around my neck most days and have some lovely memories. (This one was taken in 2004 outside a friends student house.

But something has happened since then. Laziness- yes that might be it, being a lot busier - Yes definitely but lets not forget the massive impact of new digital media. Although I hate to say it I am using my phone more and more to take photographs, which is especially tempting with the Hipstamatic App used for the top photo and instagram (oh the irony)

I am addicted to Polaroid film but my film stock is very precious, I  have a pack of 40 left which is for big life milestones such as babies and weddings..

But I love 35mm film and I am on a mission to dust down my cameras and give them some love. These photos were taken with a £4 waterproof camera from Lidl. Lidl is worth a separate post entirely but I love my underwater yellow submarine camera.

 I discovered the wonderful Lomo cameras a few years back and am always thrilled when I make a trip to snappy snaps or Jessops and pick up my hot of the press stack of photos. I still have a pile of dusty rolls that haven't quite made it to the developers yet. But here is a roll I got developed years after the shooting off the roll. These images were taken with my supersampler.

All I need to do now is remember when I'm flying out the door, to grab a camera and start taking photographs like I used to!

Gem x

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