Saturday, 17 November 2012

... wombling with my Dad

Last night my Dad came down to stay for the night, it was great to see him. We spent the evening chatting over a curry and drinking red wine, watching his favourite antique programmes. Wombling is definitely in the blood. He used to have a Saturday antiques stall at St Nicholas Market in Bristol, when I was really small and still has eyes as a sharp as a magpie for good finds. This morning he knocked on my bedroom door, all  ready for a day of searching for treasure. Our first port of call was at Treasure Island my favourite junk shop, I picked up a gorgeous set of Royal Doulton bowls. Our next stop was Wimborne Car boot, this is one of my favourite haunts to pick up unique booty bounty! We celebrated our buys with a tasty lunch at the White Heart.

From top left - Glass vintage Christmas ball balls, Royal Doulton bowls, Cuckoo Clock
Vintage French wooden Petanque balls, old frog paper clip, 1940's Lotto (Housey-Housey)

Have a lovely weekend!

Gem x

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