Monday, 1 April 2013

...Easter walk and mini egg hunt

Like Maria, we had a lovely day yesterday energised from the sun that seems to have been on holiday for the last 6 months. It's not often we are all home together so we jumped into the car and went for a walk around the ponds at Bath Spa uni, it is such a nice campus and your guaranteed to see at least one Heron. It was still bitterly cold though so we didn't hang around too long. There was also the knowledge that mums casserole was bubbling away in the oven. I got carried away in Lidl buying up lots of Easter treats and have been inspired by other blogger's to make an Easter Hunt. Mum got her clue straight away but my Dad and Brother and Sis took a little longer. Today I am definitely coming down from a sugar high, and vow to get outside and do some exercise. I think I have had to much of a good thing, come on summer!!

 Piggy (lily) Enjoying a little stroll

 Who is the baby of the family?

 Easter Egg hunt clues

The hunt begins! 

Getting Hotter

Haha (well done mum)

Look High! 

Chuffed dad 

My brother also found his after a few hints! 

Easter bounty on top shelf for another day! 

Choc filled good night! 

Gem x

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