Friday, 19 April 2013

.... skiffling with Quinns Quinney

"A tin lid hit on suitcase green, 
The fastest strumming you've ever seen, 
A reel of whistle, a lick of guitar,
banjo, watering can and more by far" 
Rob. F

If you have seen a happy band of noise makers; banjo players, penny whistlers, wash board tinklers, with a double bass in tow and a merry lead singer trumpeting from a watering can, you have probably already heard the unique rural sound of Quinns Quinney. These skiffle, twiddling, suitcase banging musicians have become good friends. Many evenings have been enjoyed drinking cider and stamping our feet to the merry beat of their songs; from 'My Tractors on Fire' to 'Rural Spaceman', our well loved 90's hits have been given a good dose of rural Dorset spirit.

Here is a short vid I made at one of their most recent gigs (sorry it is a bit dark) ;

You can hear more of their songs  here

Local musicians on the festival/folk scene often jump on stage and join the band. But Quinns Quinney is currently;

I was chuffed to be asked to scribble some doodles for their album cover if you match the names
to the musicians in the suitcase, you should be able to work out who is who. 

(CD's available to buy at all gigs) 

Want to hear them for yourselves? Then they are competing with many others at BUSKERS BASH 4 CASH this Saturday in Wimborne from 11- 4pm. Where many musicians are competing for a spot in the finals which will be held in the Allendale Centre from 7pm. The buskers are scored by the public who can purchase a voting pack. Info here

They have every chance of winning this event, but if you are in the area they would give you a cheer if you were to give them your vote. Keep your eye out on their myspace/ Fb page for future gigs. 

QQ Catalogue poses to advertise new T's! Work it!

They will also be playing at this years Wonky Donk Festival and Purbeck Folk festival, I will be blogging about these soon! Thinking about the memories of last year I really really can't wait for this summer to arrive. 

Wonky Donk Festival 2012

Have a great weekend! 

Gem x

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