Saturday, 13 April 2013

...finding fun things to do in wet weather

These last few weeks have been quite tricky. The rain has prevented us from getting out and about and exploring, and this makes us cranky and agitated. Plus, having the little fella is quite like having a puppy; he needs to be walked at least twice a day. So we have been thinking of other things to do to occupy/stimulate/entertain/exercise him, whilst resisting the temptation to switch on Cbeebies. This is what we have been up to-

  • making pizza
  • using our year family pass for the Oceanarium
  • taking the train into town and back
  • going swimming
  • getting together with other mama friends at each other's houses whilst playgroups are closed for the holidays
  • getting the 'wet weather' gear on and 'free-running' in the rain (ie. jumping over drains, splashing through puddles, etc)
  • puzzles
  • making little plays up from the stories we read
  • spending a looooooong time in the library
  • finger painting
  • washing up (seriously-the boy loves washing up-strange)
  • learning some basic letters-eg. 'm' for mama, etc.
  • playing hide and seek
  • visiting the garden centre and looking at the plants and gnomes
  • visiting the local fish pet shop (what are these called?!)
Do you have little ones? What do you do when the weather turns (or stays!) rubbish?

Maria x

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