Friday, 26 April 2013

... Living in Dorset

Last weekend was great wombling and selling at Kingston Lacey Car boot, followed by the entertaining Buskers Bash at Wimborne with friends. And a lazy Sunday with Maria and her family at the beach hut in Southbourne. I thought that I should make a list of all the reasons I love about living in Dorset. I spent many camping holidays in Dorset when I was younger so have always had fond memories of it's exciting Jurassic coast. My dad used to take us fossil hunting and many fun evenings were spent climbing trees and going on adventures with friends at Burnbake Campsite.

Here we go!

. Waking up to the view of the sea every morning
. The friends I have made
. My Job, and the people I share most of my day with (they are great) 
. Impromptu BBQ's on the beach come summer
. Hours playing Frisbee and chatting on the beach with friends
. Sand everywhere - you just have to go with it
.Camping trips & Long walks with pubs along the way
. The sound of our gravel driveway - sound of coming home
. Driving home from work and hugging the coastline
. Adventures on my doorstep - Favourites; Dancing Ledge (pub stop at Square & Compass)
Kimmeridge - I find a little spooky but like it
Hengistbury Head
Middle Beach and Joe's Cafe
Chesil Beach / Bridport
Ringstead Beach - Private and lots of great pebbles 
. The colour of the Heather and Yellow gourse in the summer (smells of coconut)
. Week night cycle trips for a Cider at Urban Reef
10. Sea Swims / and general splashing fun! 
. Rolling out of the house and onto the beach
. Coming home from work in the summer and two hours later forgetting all about it
. Cosying down in the winter and going for very quiet walks on the beach, or nature reserves
. Open door policy in the summer, with our flat full of brown sandy folk
. Waking up in the holidays with an adventure down any road of Dorset
. The incredible supply of fresh and local food
. The great charity shops and vintage markets
. Live music and variety of folk bands
. Great country pubs and coastal eateries
. Hearing the  waves from my bed during a blustery storm
. Live music
. Summer festivals, Camp Bestival, Arts Festival by the Sea, Purbeck, Endorset, Wonky Donk
. The sunsets

...... I could go on & on & on


These are the reasons I have been so late in writing a post this week, Wednesday I went to see Daughter and yesterday evening was a spontaneous jaunt to Urban Reef, whilst starring at the big big moon. I can't imagine living anywhere else!  

Where are your favourite places in Dorset?

Wishing you a great weekend!

Gem x

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