Thursday, 18 April 2013

...listening to music with the little fella

My little fella has the best taste in music (I suppose I would say that!). We have made a conscious effort to play him our favourite songs, and are chuffed that he has complied. Perhaps we are too selfish to play him nursery rhymes or kiddie tunes, but it has definitely paid off, as we can all enjoy car journeys singing along at the top of our voices, and discos in our kitchen.
I'm going to burn a CD of his top tunes and save it for him, so that when he is older and listening to the likes of Justin Bieber (please, no!), we can put it on and remind him of the time when he used to have a great taste in music. When he was two and a half. Good boy.

Happy times.

Maria x

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  1. Have you played him Subterranean Homesick Blues? It's Martha's favourite tune, and has been for a while. I was so happy when she screamed for me to turn off her stupid baby rhymes CD and wanted "Homesick Blues Mummy". Happy and immensely proud of course. She's learning the words now and talks about Johnny in the basement quite a lot!! Let me know how he likes it....great pic of the wee man. Lots of love xxx