Wednesday, 10 April 2013

..teaching my sister how to throw a pot!

At the beginning of the hols my sister came to stay. Like me she has found a love for playing with clay and is a regular at the Hackney Farm pottery. But hasn't yet mastered the wheel, so I booked us in for a couple of hours at Trad Pots Pottery in Lytchett so I could show her how to do it! (With some expert help from Mark Baker the Potter)  I have been coming to a weekly evening class here for the last 3 years and I really enjoy it. If your are ever in sunny Dorset this little pottery is bursting with lots of lovely pots made by Mark and other local artists. I love pottery I could do it all day, one day maybe that is what I will do!

Here is a little vid of our throwing fun!

Kylie arms deep in clay! 

Whilst Kylie was on the wheel I used the time to sand down my most recent projects 
and started on the under glazing. 

One of Kylie's finished Pots! (I think I have some twin competition) 

Current Projects ready for final clear glaze before their final firing in the kiln.

Some of my finished work (invading every spare surface in my room) 

Newest Creature to hatch from the Kiln

Finding lots of uses for my multiplying pots - Nut pot! 

Cactus pots! 

Suspicious Hippo - Looking after my pennies in his tum! 

Over the summer I am going to get myself organised and get some of my pots onto Folksy.
Have any of you started selling your wares? I would love to hear from 
you if you have any advice. 

Gem x

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