Monday, 15 April 2013

.....searching for treasure at Battersea Carbooty!

Today was the first day back at work after the Easter holidays, at least the sun was out and spring is most definitely in the air! Yesterday I came home from a fun filled weekend in London catching up with family. We stamped the pavements of Spitafields and Convent Garden, south bank and Battersea. Yesterday me and and my sis took a leisurely stroll to Battersea Car boot and then soaked up the sun in the park and ate ice cream. A perfect end to a fab weekend! 

These are my bargains! (It is worth paying £3 to get in before 1.30pm)

Budgie seed tin (will use for teabags or birdseed) Sooooo moonrise Kingdom! 

I loved the design on this little cereal bowl! 

I promised I wouldn't buy anymore jumpers but loved this one (check out the back) 

Cute Bird Portraits - Collectors booklet (with little cards inside which were free with PG tips many years ago! 

Test me (I can memorise about 3 - Haha! 

Cute stamp - unfortunately me and my flat mate realised it only goes up to 1999 (never mind) 
All of this cost me just over a tenner! I do love a carbooty!

My sister gave me this when I arrived (I love little this little fella) he's on the look out while I sleep!)

Pistachio ice cream - soaking up the sun at Battersea Park
Wombling at carboots can be tiring! 

Hope you had a fab weekend! 

Gem x

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