Friday, 5 April 2013

.... making a little case for my Tablet

Today has been the first day of my holiday's that I have had at home just to do my own thing. I have loved being with family and catching up with friends, but have also enjoyed having some head space and having the day to be creative.  I started the day at pottery followed by a quick and very cold bike ride and then I  came back and dusted down my sewing machine. I've been meaning to make a little case for my tablet since I got it, my brother gave me his neoprene case but it looked a little 'techy'. There are some lovely ones online but they are really expensive so I thought I would make my own.

It was very easy (Just a fabric envelope really) No zip or buttons

My sewing machine stopped working half way through and after an hour battling with the bobbin I decided old fashioned hand sewing would do.

Beach Material found under my bed 
It is always a source of forgotten treasures (mostly stray socks) 

I used the case as a guide for size and gave myself a large margin down the sides, 
I should have given myself more room for the envelope flap (never mind) 

You should probably measure and draw a line with fabric chalk then pin, 
but I just pinned :) Make sure your clean seam is on the inside (I used the bound edge so I didn't have to hem the seam) 

Closer look at the envelope 
(imagine it reversed so the inside flap will be neatly folded over and about a 3rd of the top)

I think my seamstress Busy Bee needs a service (She was only very busy breaking) 

Some chai tea and a few grey hairs later  
(I took out the case and pinned it on the front so I could see where to sew) 

When you have finished sewing the two sides - Trim the access material down the two sides and 
fold it in on itself - ( To reveal finished case) 

And whalllaaaa! 
If you don't have a squashy case to cover you 
could do this pattern but double sided with wadding in-between for protection. 

What tips have you got for personalising your Tablets and iPhones? 

Gem x 

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