Monday, 22 April 2013

...getting excited about reading 'The Sea Sisters' by the lovely Lucy Clarke

Lucy and I met in Sixth Form here in Bournemouth, and have been friends ever since. Even at the age of 16 Lucy was a keen documenter I suppose; she always took hundreds of photographs of outings and nights out, and wrote up every event in her beloved diary. Writing has always been her passion, and she dreamed of becoming a published author one day. Her commitment and determination is unshakable, and after years of hard work she landed herself a well-deserved book deal. I am so delighted for her that this dream has become a reality, and her novel 'The Sea Sisters' published by Harper Collins will be in the shops from 9th May. Check out her book trailer here.

I have yet to read 'The Sea Sisters'. I told Lucy that I would be going into the bookshop and buying my very own copy. There is something very cool and exciting about buying a book written by a friend that you share so many funny memories with- from our first ever experience of Glastonbury, to being the dancers in our school musical (we were dreadful). Funtimes.

Well done Lucy! So excited for you x

Maria x

PS. If you are local then head down to Waterstones at Castle Point on Saturday 11th May for Lucy's book signing!

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  1. Ah, Maria! I've only just seen this! Thank you... such a lovely blog post! And, God, Glastonbury and our Chemical Brothers moment. NEVER to be forgotten!
    Lucy xxx