Thursday, 20 December 2012

...dreaming of a handmade Christmas!

Since we started living together the husband and I have never really had many Christmas decorations. We lived in various different flats and houses until we finally settled into our 'forever' house here in Bournemouth. We always took it in turns to go to each others' family homes for Christmas(so many happy memories), we never really went to town on decorating our little homes.
This year we are staying put. The husband's family are coming to us which will be so much fun. On Christmas day we are meeting my clan down at the family beach hut for drinks and nibbles a few hours before we have our dinner (we do this every year, and every year at least one passer-by asks if we have the turkey cooking on the camping stove-ho ho ho!) It's lovely to be continuing these traditions, but we are very excited to be starting some new ones of our own.
So, decorations are sparse.  We have decided not to go too crazy and rush out and buy a load; we are going to collect them gradually.
Looking around our living room it struck me how many we have that are handmade-all by people in our families (they are a crafty lot!). So I thought I would share some pictures of them with you.
 Here are some garlands that I made out of felt, wool and lace. They hang above our mantel piece.
 This is one of the stockings I made for each of us. I made them for the boy's first Christmas
 This is a crib that my mother in law made from cava and champagne corks! I love the Three Wise Men-we think they look like The BeeGees!
 Here are some tree decorations that my mother in law made. The knitted tree was made by my sister in law.
 This beautiful decoration was made by my sister in law. She made it out of an old damaged paperback. She is one of the craftiest people I know-so talented!
 These ones are my absolute favourite! These creations are by the best little crafter of them all; the little fella! Look at the robin-so cool! I love his googly eyes!
And here is the cotton wool snowman. The boy has a slight obsession with snowmen at the moment. He has a Christmas jumper with one on, and it is a hard task to get him to take it off!
So there you have it. Happy Crafty Christmas everyone!
Maria x
Ps. Just to let you know that Gem and I are planning on spending as much time as possible with our family and friends over the next couple of weeks so may not be checking in everyday. We will do our best!

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