Thursday, 13 December 2012

...taking a little time out

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed of late; this is a busy time of year. Today I was able to leave work on time, and so I popped in to one of my favourite eateries for a little cup of something and some peace and quiet.

The Larderhouse is a warm and welcoming place. The food and drink is divine-they do a delicious hot chocolate. It's looking particularly festive at the moment (I tried to take some shots but felt a bit silly with waiters watching so had to do it on the sly! Hence why they are a bit rubbish). They have filled the space with candlelight and foliage-so pretty.

It's good to take time out to sit, finish a cuppa and read a book. A half hour of quiet time alone has done me good.

In other news...we opened another '12 Dates of Christmas' this evening! I'm particularly excited about this one as it is food and film related. We've had some exercise ones recently-the husband's choice not mine-so it's about time for some tasty treats. We are going to indulge tomorrow night. Any ideas for tapas treats? We're going to make some sausage rolls (not quite tapas but still yum) and baked chorizo and peppers. Can't wait!
Maria x

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